The Conditioning Classroom is your best resource for the right training, the right nutrition and the right results.

All Trainers are nationally certified.

Since 2002, The Conditioning Classroom has helped people who want to escape the big gym scene and exercise in a small comfortable environment that is directed towards results! We help people learn about and embrace exercise as a positive aspect in their life, leading to overall wellness and vitality. Bottom line: we are here to help!

Dianne Bailey, CSCS, FAS, CTCI

For over 25 years as a fitness professional, martial artist, and owner of The Conditioning Classroom, Dianne has changed 100’s of lives by helping each person create a lifestyle of health and fitness. Her passion for fitness is infectious as she provides the real-life example that aging well is possible!

Dianne is the author of three books which are all available at the studio:

  • Eating Simply
  • Open the Door to Tai Chi . . . Tai Chi for the Everyday Person
  • Healthy, Happy and Fit – Ageless Exercise to enjoy Your Best Years Yet

Dianne is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Functional Aging Specialist and a Certified Tai Chi Instructor. She created, produced and starred in 2 exercise videos for people who want to maintain core strength and stay limber: COREiculum and Every Day Flexibility. She has also been featured in Shape Magazine as a “Super Fit Chick”, been a guest on 9News as a self-defense expert and has been a regular contributor to the Denver Post for the Health and Fitness section. She is also the creator of an online training program for Tai Chi instructors called Open the Door to Tai Chi. (

She has presented health and fitness related topics in several different venues including the Functional Aging Summit, the International Conference on Active Aging, Fitness Fest, Pacific Northwest FitCon, large corporations and The Denver Post.

Dianne and all of the trainers in The Conditioning Classroom are dedicated to helping their clients learn to truly live. We all know the difference in how we look and feel and respond to others when we are truly living as opposed to simply existing. Our goal at The Conditioning Classroom is to design the perfect program to help you be vibrantly alive!

Stephanie Kolterman, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist, PnL1 Nutrition Coach

Stephanie is an ACE certified personal trainer and PnL1 Nutrition Coach and has a strong passion for fitness.  She knows there are many misconceptions about exercise and nutrition, and wants to help educate others so they may lead a happy, healthy lifestyle.  With all the fads and misleading information out there, it can be hard to figure out what works.  Stephanie wants to help show people how simple and fun, being healthy and exercising can be.  Stephanie has experience and enjoys training people of all fitness levels.  From younger guys and gals in their 20’s wanting a better body, to older men and women in their 50’s and 60’s just looking to feel better and be able to perform daily activities with with ease.

Stephanie loves many outlets of exercise, has been snowboarding for over 14 years and has participated in many different sports her whole life.  Having a background in sports has helped Stephanie create fun, functional and safe exercise routines.  She creates workouts with each specific client’s goal in mind, because she knows each person is different and needs different exercise routines to achieve their goals.  Stephanie aims to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere because fitness should not be stressful, so that anyone can adapt it into their lifestyle.

Emily Evans, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist

Emily graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and obtained her personal trainer certification from the American Counsel on Exercise. In college she helped train athletes to improve strength and agility and educated them on proper lifting form and injury prevention. After college she was a trainer at a physical therapy clinic where she worked with a broad range of individuals from an elderly patient with chronic back pain to a young athlete post knee surgery.

She always had a passion for fitness and loves being able to help others understand that it’s never too late to get started with a healthy and active lifestyle. Working in a physical therapy clinic helped her see that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to pain, surgery, and medication. You only get one body and taking the time to take care of it is the best thing you can do for yourself! Her goal is to design fun and effective workouts for my clients and to educate them on a healthy lifestyle so they can continue do all the things they love whether that’s traveling, hiking 14ers, or keeping up with grandkids.

As a trainer she is constantly learning. She loves to try new workouts and different forms of exercise to build her knowledge and to keep things new and fresh for her clients. Her current challenge is learning to cook and to finding new and simple recipes that are healthy and delicious. In her words: “My career is a constant journey and I love every moment of it!”

Lori Blevins, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist

After being an elementary teacher for over 15 years, Lori decided to pursue physical fitness as her second career and earned her personal trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise. Fitness became an important part of her life at the age of 20 after being inactive and overweight during her childhood and adolescence. She began exercising and changed her eating habits, losing 60 pounds and discovering her new passion. She understands the desire to make lifestyle changes as well as the uncertainty as to how to go about doing so and wants to help others see that fitness and a healthier lifestyle can be both simple and fun. She knows it’s never too late to get started and that the rewards are well worth it.

She has spent two decades growing her knowledge of fitness and using it to help others live a healthier, more active lifestyle. She has been an avid runner for over 20 years, finding a love of cycling in the last decade. She began water skiing at the age of 10, snow skiing at the age of 11, and learned to snowboard when she was 21. She has firsthand experience working with friends and family members that are not living the life they want due to the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, missing out on travel and other activities due to a lack of energy and ability. She has a true desire to help individuals of all ages and ability levels be able to easily participate in the activities they enjoy whether it’s training for a marathon, going on a dream vacation, gardening, or playing with their grandchildren. She loves creating the perfect workout for each client and helping them discover that they have more energy than ever and that lifting weights can be fun! For Lori, the reward is the smile at the end of a workout, hearing how much better, stronger a client feels, seeing pictures of the vacation they prepared for, or just the ‘thank you’ and that they want to keep coming back.

As a trainer and educator, she has a true love of learning and knows that her own education is never done. She has two teenage sons and she and her triathlete husband have worked diligently to teach them what a healthy lifestyle looks and feels like in the hopes they will carry this with them into their adult lives. Only living in Colorado for almost 4 years, on her bucket list is to complete at least one 14er. Her ultimate goal at The Conditioning Classroom is to create a safe space in which each client can discover the fitness level that will allow them to live their best life.