See what our clients have said about us…

We are very proud of our clients and the success they have achieved and we are VERY thankful for their continued support!

I decided to improve my exercise routine when I turned sixty and discovered I had developed scoliosis. I was having back pain and knew that I needed to strengthen my core if I was going to prevent the disease from getting worse. I had been working out at a “big box” gym, but needed help to know what exercises to do and how to do them correctly so I wouldn’t hurt myself. I have always been an active person, but the pain was discouraging me and I was losing my motivation. Working out with Dianne has been exactly what I needed to get much better! She makes working out fun and changes the routines constantly so boredom is never a problem. Not only have I strengthened my core, but my last bone density scan showed that the osteopenia was actually reversed and my bone density had increased as a result of the weight-bearing exercises I am doing. My active lifestyle has returned and this winter I was back to skiing the moguls and keeping up with my expert-skier brother. He was amazed how much stronger I looked on the slopes, and skiing was more fun than ever. I am so grateful I decided to get better!  KATHY J, CENTENNIAL

I am so much better since coming to The Conditioning Classroom! I am down 4 sizes and because of this weight loss, I was able to have much needed back surgery and now no longer have bone spurs on my spine. Recovery has been long and at times very difficult, but much easier than it would have been if I hadn’t have been in such good shape to begin with! I couldn’t have done it with out you showing me how to exercise and eat properly.  I can’t wait to come back! I am not only a better mom – I am a better ME!!JENNY H., CASTLE ROCK

“I am stronger and I am happier – that makes me a better person and, most importantly, a better mom. Working out isn’t just about weight loss – my weight was fine when I started training at The Conditioning Classroom, since I had already been eating healthy, but I needed to improve my overall fitness level. Regular personal training sessions have helped me build and tone muscle. Kickboxing classes have improved my cardiovascular fitness and endurance. I feel great! Thank you Dianne and Stephanie.”GINGER T., ENGLEWOOD

Transitioning from the south where most of everything is Southern fried or deep fried with homemade biscuits and homemade sugar tea it was difficult decide whether I was going to make a lifestyle change or commit to it for that matter. Two years after partnering with the Conditioning Classroom I am mentally conscious of the decisions that I make resulting in better physically results. My family now has access to a better treasure of information because of the knowledge that is acquired at the Conditioning Classroom. No one wants to deal with the challenges of life and especially weight issues alone and the Conditioning Classroom made sure they partnered with me to ensure that I was not alone. The staff welcomes your questions and concerns while at the same time supporting you to be the best you possible. For that I Am Better.FRANCES C., PARKER

I am better….I am better for my time and efforts at the Conditioning Classroom with Leslie because I’m stronger and have more stamina. When I originally set my goals, a year ago, they were very general, better overall health and fitness. The vision of what that looked like recently changed with a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios. I was impressed to see 80 year old women coming off the various rides (including roller coasters) with their grandchildren. It was at this point that I thought that is my longterm goal. Someday I’ll be the granny that at age 80 will step onto the rides with confidence and have fun with my grand kids! And I most likely will be all of 80 by the time I have grand children (or grand nieces/nephews) that will be able to join me on those rides. I am better…..for my future, fun, self.A.J., CENTENNIAL

I am better because I am no longer a breast cancer and knee replacement survivor that feels fat and tired. I am learning to like exercising and it’s moving me toward my results of losing weight, being fit and most importantly leading a healthier and happier life style. I am better because I am gaining confidence in the way I look and more importantly in the way I feel. I am better because I am pushing myself beyond my self imposed limits and challenging myself. I am better because working out at the Conditioning Classroom with Leslie has given me back a bounce back in my step and a smile on my face when I look in the mirror!TRACY C, ENGLEWOOD

Yes I am a better skier, yes I am a better cyclist thanks to The Conditioning Classroom. What is most important is that I am better because I have the commitment to myself to live a healthier life. What does it mean to be better? I look better in the mirror, I look better on the weight scale and I feel better in day to day life just getting around. That is worth a lot to me seeing that I can life that better life. After years of getting my butt kicked on the mountain bike and being tired after a half day of skiing I decided to get better. The Conditioning Classroom put me on a challenging program to improve my fitness. I am in much better shape and am once again competitive for my sports.KENNY, CENTENNIAL


“As an empty-nester I could now focus on my well being.  I was fed up (no pun intended) with the middle-age spread, creeping inches and pounds, loss of muscle mass, annoying aches and pains, etc.  I’ve always exercised, however I was not seeing results from my routine.  I was ready for change — to own my health and physical condition and needed a kick-start.  My goal was to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, improve general health — fit into smaller clothes & feel good! ”


“Today at the end of the 12 weeks, amazing describes how I feel —

  • clothes that were too small are now actually too big
  • loss of 8% body fat, 14 lbs, and approximately 14 inches
  • various aches & pains — gone
  • empowering to be reminded of what we’re all capable of — at any age
The program was so manageable — doable every step of the way with very reasonable time, effort and resources.  On a day-to-day basis, the benefits are so worth the effort.”
-Rhonda S.


“Dianne is an extraordinary personal trainer that recognizes the individuality of all of her client’s needs. In my case, she has aided me immeasurably in identifying a meal plan that gives me energy during workouts, develops healthy eating habits, and encourages the development of lean muscle mass.”

-Andrea N.



I just wanted to give you an update of how far I’ve come since our meeting 4 weeks ago. I have been following the nutrition plan very closely with the exception of a couple meals a week. I have also been following the workout plan you set up for me.. It was good that you had me run those hills! I have lost 4 pounds, 2.5 inches and about 3% body fat! My clothes are already fitting better and I *feel* better, which was the biggest reason I needed the help. I really didn’t think I’d see this much progress this fast as I had been stuck for a while prior to our meeting.

-Nicole T.


“I love to ski. But after a couple of inconvenient injuries (severed ACL and shoulder dislocation), I woke up one day and realized that in the last two years, I had taken huge steps backward in my physical health… I was tired, weak and fragile. There was no way that I could safely make it down any ski hill let alone take a flight of stairs without holding tight to the railing. I asked Dianne Bailey at The Conditioning Classroom to help put me back together! She developed a well-designed program that allowed me to strengthen my core, and begin to work on my balance and agility, but with careful attention to my injuries. As I became stronger, my chronic knee pain began to lessen, and I felt more confident in my overall movement. In three months, I was ready for the slopes! I was able to get back to doing what I love.  Thank you Dianne! Your expertise made my recovery possible, and I have my life back!”

-Kristy Shepler

Centennial, CO

“(My Daughter) and I both enjoyed the class (self defense) very much and feel like we got a lot of valuable info.  (My Daughter) leaves to go back up to CSU in a few weeks and I know I will feel better that she is taking this info with her.  She also felt that it was time well spent.  Thanks again!”
-Susan B.

“Thank You!  The  (self defense) class was awesome.  We all learned so much!”

– Yvonne M.

Highlands Ranch

“Dianne is a skilled Martial Artist and Personal Trainer with an understanding of how to best develop one’s conditioning goals.  Mrs. Bailey helps to identify a client’s goals and prepare a personalized program that allows the client to achieve success.  I have realized my goals of lower weight, lower body fat, increased lean muscle, and greater strength and endurance through Dianne’s instruction. . . I highly recommend training with Mrs. Bailey for anyone interested in reaching and maintaining their personal fitness goals.”
 -Karla E.



THEN….I felt fat and lost.  I knew I wanted to get in shape, but recognized that I needed help.  My crash diets and sporadic exercise without direction was not getting me to the goal I saw for myself in my visualization.  I wanted to change my way of life, so I could carry on good habits and new body knowledge forward as long as I live.”


NOW…”I have the tools to succeed.  Changing my nutrition and the addition of exercise, especially weight training, gives me more energy.  I also find I feel good about having some time to myself, and I know I’m dedicating specific time to reaching a goal.  I do feel guilty sometimes leaving my kid, but I feel so good afterward: elevated mood, higher confidence for achieving a goal, and more energy – by taking care of myself for 45 mins a day makes our relationship more rewarding (opposed to being tired and stressed.)”

-Julie V.



“Thank you so much for a great class tonight.  We all really enjoyed it and learned so much.  The girls were very glad they took it  and were impressed with what you could teach us in 1 1/2 hours.  We will highly recommend your class to others..”
-Laura Jones


“By the end of the 8 weeks, I had improved my physical strength and endurance, lost weight and inches, and had energy.  Even my blood tests were better with Triglycerides nearly half of what they were before and decreased Fructosamine and Insulin indicating better utilization of blood sugar.  Most importantly, I got my life back.  I have so much energy and feel so much stronger that I can run errands or work all day and still go out to dinner! “

-Stephanie Y.
Highlands Ranch

“I am really excited about the changes that I see already!  12 days in!  I am back in my size 2 jeans!  That’s exciting!  On my scale, I am down 3 pounds, even though losing weight hasn’t been my real focus.  I am much more interested in getting stronger and improving my overall fitness.  By the way, the weights have been strengthening my wrists and I have had a lot less pain!  Yeah!!  My hips are continuing to improve as well.  I have been taking time to stretch and of course that helps my IT bands and my bursitis.  So I am excited to continue and see what happens!”

-Marianne B.




The Revolution ended up being one of the best things we have done for us health-wise and for our marriage! 

-Joanne and John E.

Castle Rock 



“After my first child was born, I wanted my body back.  I got partly there on my own, but I hit a wall.  After months of fruitless effort, I decided to hire a personal trainer.  Dianne took a whole body approach combining nutrition, weight training and cardio.  This helped re-shape not only my body, but my mind by forming new ideas about food and creating healthy eating habits that I’ve been able to sustain.  I had full faith in Dianne from the beginning and started seeing results immediately.  In three months time, I lost almost 5% body fat and over 9 inches off my size. ”

-Jenn V.

Highlands Ranch



“I’m able to wear my wedding ring again! I haven’t been able to do that since my kids were born.” (kids are 5 & 8)

-Cynthia H.




“I just finished the 12 week Revolution Program and was thrilled with my results.  This was my third stint with the program and each time I had success, but this time it was different.  I’m married, my husband and I both work full-time, we have two amazing young boys and I was able to plan my meals and fit in work-outs.  This may sound cliché, but if I can do it, anyone can do it.  The fundamentals of the program are simple, but it took three times for me realize that I’m in control – if I indulged with food or missed a work-out, I didn’t fail, I just needed to get myself back on track.  The Revolution Program gave me the kick start I needed to begin my healthy lifestyle.  Thanks Dianne for all of your support and encouragement!”

– Kathy L.