Why Can’t Eating Healthy Be Simple?

If you have ever struggled with the idea of healthy eating… here is your motivation, your guide and your easy-to-read implementation tool that will make every day a simply healthy day, adding vitality to you and everyone in your family!

Inside “Eating Simply”:
  • How to Eat Simply for weight loss
  • Tips to simplify your food life
  • A Pick a Choose list for simple meal creation
  • Sample simple meals
  • How to create a simple refrigerator salad bar
  • 34 simple recipes and lots more.

The Conditioning Classroom’s own,  Dianne Bailey has written this book to make eating more simple for you!

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“I LOVED the book for several reasons!

It is simple to follow (I am not a chef), it was easy to understand the concepts and written well for someone who is busy with job, family, etc to digest (pun intended!) and it was a great length…”

– Kris Costa